Interstate Eateries is published by Our State magazine.

Welcome to Interstate Eateries!

Welcome to “Interstate Eateries.”

When you get hungry as you are traveling up and down our interstate highways, do you like to try out the nearby homecooking restaurants where the locals gather to eat and exchange news?

If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place.

Interstate Eateries is about locating those hard-to-find places, checking them out, and then sharing that information with others who love local barbecue, “meat and three vegetable plates,” and other independent family owned restaurants.

A great start is the second edition of the little glove compartment sized book titled “Interstate Eateries” and published by Our State Magazine. You ought to have a copy in your car.

On this website we will update the information in the book and, if you will help, we will collect and share more information about those restaurants and other good homecooking places that you tell us about. We’ll even cross the state lines to share information about eateries off the interstates in Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.

So join me as we travel North Carolina’s interstates to find home cooking that satisfies that down-home yearning. From Asheville to Wilmington, from Mount Airy to Charlotte, from Roanoke Rapids to Pembroke, I have identified 100 eateries that draw locals and travelers alike. The food is delicious to be sure, but it’s more than that: it’s about the hands that prepare it, or grow it, or that take a tasty idea and turn it into an eatery to share it. So pull off the highway and pull up a chair. Tuck in your napkin, and dig right in. And most of all, enjoy. Then, share your experiences with us.

We are just getting started with the building of this web page. It will get better and better as you share your experiences with us.

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Thanks for visiting and thanks in advance for your comments and ideas.

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Interstate Eateries is published by Our State magazine.